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Selling your home: The housing market doesn’t have to be scary.

Fall Tricks and Treats for selling your home in fall and winter Fall is a beautiful time of the year.  It is a seller’s market right now in San Diego, but is it a good time for selling your home?  Will your home be more valuable in 6 months?  Some believe that the best time […]

Escrow Explained; What is Escrow

Escrow process made easy. Congratulations! You have bought or sold your house. Your agent will now take the real estate purchase contract to the designated escrow company in the contract and open escrow. An escrow company is a neutral third party whose job is to carry out the agreement and terms of the real estate […]

5 Buying home insurance tips. Buying and Selling a home

5 Buying home insurance tips. Buying and Selling a home Your home is a reflection of who you are. Your lifestyle, your family, your goals and your dreams. Buying the right home insurance coverage to protect all of those things is very important. Here are 5 buying home insurance tips. Buying home insurance tips #1 Shopping […]

Selling your home | Lighting tips to sell your house

Selling your home? Lighting tips to sell your house Getting ready before selling your home?  Lighting tips to sell your house can help maximize the value of your home and enhance the appeal by potential buyers.  After location, the one thing that every buyer wants the most is good lighting. Light and bright sells. Dark […]

Home selling tips. If Buyers could give Sellers advice

Home selling tips. If buyers could give sellers advice, what would they say? A buyer’s first impression of your home is the most powerful and lasting.  Let’s go over a few simple ideas that will have 100 percent return on the sale of your home. Home Selling Tips #1 – Take good pictures.  Homes that […]

California Realtors go to bat for homeowners

California Realtors; we’ve got your back I just got back from my annual trip to Sacramento with the California Association of Realtors (CAR).  The weather  was nice, thanks for asking. As a member of the Board of Directors for CAR, San Diego region for 8 years, I make this annual trek and meet with our […]

Golf San Diego-Courses and Homes for Sale

Golf San Diego: Courses and Homes for Sale. In San Diego, people can play golf year round. Pick a day and play. Diverse landscapes for diverse tastes from Torrey Pines and Coronado near the ocean to Mt. Woodson near Ramona.  You can even golf San Diego and gamble.  We live in golf-mecca.  There is even […]

San Diego Neighborhood Home Buying Tips

Before you buy a home – What is the personality of the San Diego neighborhood you’re looking in? You just bought the perfect house in the quietest San Diego neighborhood.  After you move in, you can meet your neighbors.  But, what can you do while you’re house hunting?  “The National Association of Realtors profiled buyers […]

Open house in San Diego-Seller’s Tips

Open House in San Diego – Seller’s Tips The weekend open house in San Diego is a time-honored tradition in real estate sales, but has it outlived its effectiveness? Most sellers have an initial impression that in order to market their property, having an “Open House” is a good idea.  Is it?  I actually discourage […]