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Home selling tips. If Buyers could give Sellers advice

Home selling tips. If buyers could give sellers advice, what would they say?

A buyer’s first impression of your home is the most powerful and lasting.  Let’s go over a few simple ideas that will have 100 percent return on the sale of your home.

Home Selling Tips #1 –Home selling tips cowles moutain realty

Take good pictures.  Homes that don’t get shown, don’t get sold.  When your San Diego Realtor is taking pictures, make sure your home is de-cluttered. Generally, about ½ of the seller’s furnishings should be removed to make the home appear larger. Show your home in its best light. Most buyers do their initial house hunt online, and buyers want to see pictures.  Go online and see your own listing.  Good, crisp and clear photos will lead to a showing and a showing will lead to a sale.

Home Selling Tips #2 –

Sellers; Do a deep clean.  Living in a fishbowl is not easy.  Your home is a stage for everyone to see, so make it shine!  Cleaning the carpets is relatively inexpensive and makes your home show much more beautifully. Walking into a house that smells, has un-kept bedrooms, messy bathrooms, or dishes in the sink is a definite turn-off for buyers. As a seller, you want the buyers to picture themselves in your house and you want your home to leave a lasting good impression.

Home Selling Tips #3

Be Truthful. Sellers, be truthful and honest about the condition of your home and disclose.  No surprises!  The condition of your property will come out in the inspection. Fix the problem ahead of time or disclose the problem.  Even better, sellers can offer the buyer a credit to fix the problem.  Don’t try to hide it! You will potentially lose the sale.  Many lawsuits have been brought about by those claiming that the sellers did not fully disclose all that they knew regarding a home. When in doubt, disclose!

Home Selling Tips #4home selling tips san diego realtor

Over Priced.  Get real about pricing!  You really only have one chance to expertly price your property, and that is when it hits the market. This is the time that there will be the most interest in your home. If your home is overpriced, a buyer potentially won’t even bother looking. A buyer has online access to comparable sales in your neighborhood.  Not only are today’s buyers very educated about pricing and fair market value, but they will also be looking at your competition. Is your house priced to sell or sit?

Home Selling Tips #5

Your Beloved Pet.  Almost everyone loves animals except the buyers who are potentially buying your house.  I am a huge pet lover, but the truth is pets are unpredictable and not everyone is comfortable with pets. Sometimes, buyers won’t even consider looking at properties with pets.  So, if you want all potential buyers to see your home for sale, leave with your pets when your home is being shown or make arrangements to relocate your pet when you’re not home. Locking up your pets is not a good option, since it is truly unfair to the animal and it doesn’t resolve the problem of people not wanting to view your house because of Fido or Fluffy.

Sellers tips San Diego Realtor

 Home Selling Tips #6 –

Choosing a San Diego Realtor is  the first and most important decision you will make in your home selling process. Make sure that your San Diego Realtor has the experience and enthusiasm in  preparing to market and sell your San Diego home. Feel free to review How to prepare your house for sale or contact me, Glenn Bennett, San Diego Realtor.

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