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Before buying a home, Get a home inspection

A home inspection is the best money that you can spend before buying  a home. The inspector’s job is to disclose (in great detail) the condition of the property.  The law requires that sellers and brokers disclose to a buyer any and all material facts known to them which may affect the value or desirability of the property.  The majority of problems involving buyers and sellers of residential property involve lack of disclosure by a seller, which is why all of the buyers I work with get a home inspection. It is imperative that we know the true condition of the property.

A good home inspection is an objective , top to bottom examination of a home and everything that comes with it.  The standard inspection report includes a review of the home heating and air-conditioning systems; plumbing and wiring; roof, attic, walls, ceilings, floors, windows, doors and foundation.

A home inspection is also wise when buying new construction. A new home can have defects whether caused by an oversight during construction or simply human error.

Home inspections usually cost about a few hundred dollars and it is money well spent. I am always present during the home inspection asking questions, talking with the inspector and making sure that everything is covered. Purchasing a home should always be contingent upon satisfactory inspection results.

 The Residential Purchase Agreement specifies the time periods for the inspections to be completed.  It also specifies the seller’s responsibilities in regards to repairs. If major problems are found, you can back out of the deal. If only minor repairs are necessary, you have peace of mind and we usually work out an agreement to move forward while always keeping the Buyers best interest in mind.